Water Proof Bench Scale Model SK-WP
Water Proof Bench Scale Model SK-WP
Stainless steel, rugged, high impact housing. Detachable stainless steel weighing pan. Large & clear LCD display 25mm high. Portable with (6) D size batteries (not included). Approx. 600 hours (manganese type), 1,200 hours (alkaline). Indicators for Stable. Net, Zero and Low battery. Keys for ON/OFF, ZERO, TARE. Auto power off function. SK-Z is LB w/decimal oz, fractional oz, decimal lb. Optional AC adapter (not included). 10.5”W x 11”D x 5.75”H. NTEP 98-086 Class III, NSF pending
WeightSale Price
232 x 192mm Pan
SK-1000WP1,000 x 0.5g8$420.00
SK-2000WP2,000 x 1g8$420.00
SK-5000WP5,000 x 2g8$420.00
SK-5001WP5,000 x 1g8$420.00
SK-10KWP10kg x 0.005kg8$420.00
SK-20KWP20kg x 0.01kg10$420.00
NSF Certified (pending) lb/oz Z version not NTEP
SK-2000WPZ4lb 6oz x 0.05oz8$420.00
SK-5000WPZ11lb x 0.1oz8$420.00
SK-20KWPZ44lb x 1oz10$420.00
FV-05 AC adapter for 115 VAC1$41.40
FV-06 AC adapter for 220 VAC1$70.00
Service Parts
08:3005664A Keypad overlay for SK2000WP1$10.00
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