Epson Compact Slip Printer Model TM-U295
Epson Compact Slip Printer Model TM-U295
The Epson TM-U295 is the world's smallest slip printer, perfect for POS terminals. With four print sizes, four print directions and a "page mode" that lets you print practically anywhere on the document, it offers all the options you need. The TM-U295 is also equipped with a host of user-friendly features, such as an easy-to-operate touch panel and an automatic paper eject function. Note: ERC-27 Ink ribbon cartridges - also used in the following printers: Fairbanks - 50-3930, GSE - Syntest, Toledo - 8807.
WeightSale Price
TM-U295 Slip Printer w/power supply8$565.00
4ft cable to indicator, assembled w/connector1$80.00
Additional serial cable per foot1$1.50
TPC time & date printer controller (RS232 input)5$714.00
12 V battery converter to operator printer w/12 V battery1$172.00
Service Parts
ERC-27 Ink ribbon cartridge, purple1$11.45
ERC-27 Ink ribbon cartridge, black1$11.45
TMU-295 Printer w/o power supply6$480.00
Power supply 100-240VAC to 24 VDC 2A w/power cord2$83.95
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