Avoirdupois, Individual Stainless Steel Weights NIST Class F
Avoirdupois, Individual Stainless Steel Weights NIST Class F

Grip Handle Stainless Steel Weight w/Statement of Accuracy.
WeightSale Price
Grip Handle SS Weight w/Statement of Accuracy
1270Weight: 10lb Diameter: 4.98 Height: 2.9011$290.00
1272Weight: 20lb Diameter: 4.9821$480.00
1274Weight: 25lb Diameter: 5.9826$530.00
1275Weight: 30lb Diameter: 5.9832$630.00
1276Weight: 50lb Diameter: 5.9852$799.00
Grip Handle SS Weight w/Traceable Certificate
1270TWeight: 10lb Diameter: 4.98 Height: 2.9011$399.00
1272TWeight: 20lb Diameter: 4.9821$499.00
1274TWeight: 25lb Diameter: 5.9826$570.00
1275TWeight: 30lb Diameter: 5.9832$660.00
1276TWeight: 50lb Diameter: 5.9852$835.00
Grip Handle SS Weight w/NAVLAP Certificate
1270WWeight: 10lb Diameter: 4.98 Height: 2.9011$499.00
1272WWeight: 20lb Diameter: 4.9821$585.00
1274WWeight: 25lb Diameter: 5.9826$645.00
1275WWeight: 30lb Diameter: 5.9832$725.00
1276WWeight: 50lb Diameter: 5.9852$999.00
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