Intercomp TL6000 Scale
Intercomp TL6000 Scale
For crane overload and line tension measurement. High resolution using a 14 bit A/D converter gives +/-0.1% of applied load. All electronics are shock mounted in a weatherproof billet aluminum housing. Components are protected against moisture, dust and rough usage. Weights are easily checked with highly visible 1.2” high LCD digital readout. The units easy to use membrane switches allow simple, trouble free operation. Features include peak hold, set points for relay control and keypad setup. Function keys for ON/OFF, ZERO, PEAK, TARE, MODE. Readings can be displayed in lb, kg, tons, metric tons, and dekaNewtons. RS232 or RS485 serial output in continuous or on demand. Efficient micro controller gives up to 500 hours of battery life. Power is supplied by (2) 9 volt alkaline batteries (not included). NEMA 4X and IP65. Note: Requires a 25% non-refundable deposit.
WeightSale Price
TL6000-500500 x 0.5lb5$1,250.00
TL6000-1,0001,000 x 1lb5$1,250.00
TL6000-2,0002,000 x 2lb5$1,250.00
TL6000-5,0005,000 x 5lb5$1,400.00
TL6000-10,00010,000 x 10lb8$1,625.00
TL6000-25,00025,000 x 20lb35$2,020.00
TL6000-50,00050,000 x 50lb55$2,235.00
TL6000-100,000100,000 x 100lb75$3,860.00
TL6000-160,000*160,000 x 200lb85$7,495.00
TL6000-220,000*220,000 x 200lb100$8,995.00
TL6000-350,000*350,000 x 500lb175$10,995.00
TL6000-400,000*400,000 x 500lb235$12,995.00
TL6000-500,000*500,000 x 500lb937$15,995.00
Options shackles
150100 Top & bottom5,000lb3$132.00
150101 Top & bottom10,000lb6$195.00
150102 Top & bottom25,000lb39$626.00
150103 Top & bottom50,000lb63$925.00
150104 Top & bottom100,000lb104$2,690.00
Remote Indicators
150111 Single remote indicator, 25ft cable connected6$995.00
150113 Dual remote indicator, 25ft cable connected6$995.00
150115 Set point relay output control kit2$495.00
150116 AC Power input 24V1$345.00
150117 AC Power input 120V1$345.00
150118 AC Power input 240V1$365.00
150120 Analog output1$195.00
150121 Multi load sensor input and summing1$740.00
150122 Set point audible alarm1$495.00
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