Ohaus, NTEP Explorer® Analytical & Precision Balances
Ohaus, NTEP Explorer® Analytical & Precision Balances
Intelligent performance. Intuitive software. Ingenious draftshield. Practical touchless sensors. 5.7” full color VGA graphic display. Touch screen. Weighing applications for: Weighing, Percent Weighing, Check Weighing, Dynamic/Animal Weighing, Filling, Totalization, Formulation, Differential Weighing, Density Determination, Peak Hold, Ingredient Costing, Pipette Adjustment, SQC. Weighing units for: gram, milligram, kilogram, carat, ounce, ounce troy, pound, pennyweight, grain, newton, momme, mesghal, Hong Kong tael, Singapore tael, Taiwan tael, tical, tola, baht, 3 custom units. RS232, USB communication. 100-240 VAC adapter. 9.1”W x 15.5”D x 13.8”H. 2 year warranty.
WeightSale Price
Explorer with Draftshield & AutoCal, Pan 3.5 in.
AD models (automatically doors controlled)
EX124120g x 0.0001g25$2,980.00
EX124/AD120g x 0.0001g25$4,650.00
EX124N/AD NTEP120g x 0.0001g25$4,995.00
EX224220g x 0.0001g22$3,270.00
EX224/AD220g x 0.0001g25$4,995.00
EX224N/AD220g x 0.0001g25$5,995.00
EX324320g x 0.0001g22$3,740.00
EX324/AD320g x 0.0001g25$5,495.00
EX423420g x 0.001g22$2,475.00
EX623620g x 0.001g22$2,700.00
EX11031100g x 0.001g22$3,270.00
Explorer with AutoCal (no shield)
Pan Size 7.5 x 8.0 in
EX22022200g x 0.01g22$2,440.00
EX42024200g x 0.01g22$2,650.00
EX62016200g x 0.1g22$2,480.00
EX62026200g x 0.01g22$2,890.00
EX1020110,200g x 0.1g22$2,660.00
EX1020210,200g x 0.01g22$3,500.00
Pan Size 14.8in x 12.2in
EX1200112000g x 0.1g30$2,695.00
EX2400124000g x 0.1g30$3,450.00
EX3500135000g x 0.1g30$3,995.00
Explorer with Draftshield, AutoCal & NTEP Certified
Pan Size 3.5 in
EX224N220g x 0.0001g22$3,360.00
EX324N320g x 0.0001g22$3,835.00
Pan Size 5.1 in
EX423N420g x 0.001g22$2,570.00
EX1103N1100g x 0.001g22$3,360.00
Pan Size 7.5 x 8.0 in, (no shield)
EX4202N4200g x 0.01g22$2,790.00
EX10201N10,200g x 0.1g22$2,800.00
EX10202N10,200g x 0.01g22$3,660.00
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