Avoirdupois Sets Class F
Avoirdupois Sets Class F
Rice Lake stainless steel test weights are available for work with balances of less precision and accuracy. A variety of styles & capacities are available.
WeightSale Price
NIST Class F SST Satin
4oz Sets
12576.2lb - .001lb1$180.00
126234oz - 1/32oz1$170.00
126254oz - .05oz1$190.00
12654.3lb - .001lb1$315.00
1lb Sets
125911lb - 1/32oz2$285.00
125931lb - .001lb2$330.00
125951lb - .05oz2$300.00
2lb Sets
125972lb - 1/32oz3$370.00
125992lb - .001lb3$380.00
126012lb - .05oz3$405.00
5lb Sets
126155lb - 1/32oz6$470.00
126175lb - .001lb6$475.00
126195lb - .05oz6$485.00
10lb Sets
1260910lb - 1/32oz12$690.00
1261110lb - .001lb12$675.00
1261310lb - .05oz12$730.00
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