Datamax I-Class Printer Model I-4208
Datamax I-Class Printer Model I-4208
More ease-of-use features are standard throughout the I-4208 than any other printer in its class including an easy-to-read front LCD display, color-coded operator cues, embossed media loading diagrams, wide access to the printhead, plus a unique collapsible ribbon hub that makes loading and unloading a breeze. Windows driver used for creating label formats using any Windows based program. RS232 at 2,400 to 38,400 BPS, optional Ethernet, USB and Twin/Coax. 120VAC. Size 12.70"H x 12.62"W x 18.60"D. Features: Fast label throughput with a powerful 32-bit processor and an amazing 8MB of addressable RAM, the DMX-I-4208 provides first label throughput at 8 ips - the fastest label in its class. The front LCD features selectable, built-in, international language support for English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. International Language Print Capabilities are available for over 40 international languages. Easy to use ribbon and media supply and take up hubs make loading a breeze.
WeightSale Price
I-4208 Printer45$1,765.00
I-4208 Printer w/Rewind45$1,987.00
I-4208 Printer w/Rewind/Peel/Present45$2,201.00
Datamax Peel/Present mechanism1$215.00
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