AND Indicator AD-4407
AND Indicator AD-4407
AD-4405, AD-4406 and AD-4407 give three choices of low cost, multi-functional weight indicators to suit your specific environmental & application needs. Stainless steel washdown industrial enclosure. 1/40,000 display resolution. Mount on table, wall, or desktop. Bright blue VFD display. Front panel is waterproof, protected to IP65. RS232 standard. Counting mode. Digital linearization. Accumulator with auto or manual entry.
Optional relay outputs or 4-20ma analog output. NTEP 04-034 III/IIIL 10,000 div.
Features: Bright green 0.8"VFD Display, 0-9 keys for tare, setpoints and sample count entries, Counting Function, Standard wall/table mount bracket, Drives 8 load cells.
WeightSale Price
AD-4407 Weighing Indicator, SS, 0-9 keys8$730.00
AD-4407-03 RS422/485/Relays (replaces std RS232)1$229.00
AD-4407-05 RS232 w/Relays (replaces std RS232)1$189.00
AD-4407-07 Analog output 4-20ma (replaces stf RS232)1$365.00
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