Optima, Pallet Jack Scale
Optima, Pallet Jack Scale

Pallet jack scale with built-in scale allows you to weigh and record your load as you're handling it. Unique and user-friendly design for you to work with to save time and $$$.
Heavy duty steel construction with capacity of 5,000 lbs x 1 (lb) increment.
NTEP (Legal for Trade) pending.
WeightSale Price
21.5" Fork Separation
OP-918E1-30003000 lb x 1 lb350$1,070.00
OP-918E1-50005000 lb x 1 lb350$1,070.00
28" Fork Separation
OP-918E2-30005000 lb x 1 lb350$1,090.00
OP-918E2-50005000 lb x 1 lb350$1,090.00
With Printer
OP-918E1-P-50005000 lb x 1 lb380$1,290.00
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