AND Industrial Balance Model GP
AND Industrial Balance Model GP
The GP Series incorporates it's enhanced weighing sensor, Double Leveraged Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS). Building on the basic SHS features of speed and stabilization, our enhanced SHS technology brings the most accurate weighing results to industrial balances in 12kg to 101kg capacities. Features: IP-65 Splash Proof Keyboard, Display and Base Units, GLP/GMP/ISO Compliance, Density Determination of a Solid Object, Enlargement Indication of HI, OK, LO Symbols Accumulation of Weighing Results, Data Memory, Time and Date, Auto Re-Zero.
WeightSale Price
Swing arm display column 13.5" x 15" Pan
GP-12K12,000g x 0.1g39$3,075.00
GP-20K21,000g x 0.1g39$3,285.00
GP-32K6,000g x 0.1g 31,000g x 1g39$2,675.00
GP-30K31,000g x 0.1g39$3,935.00
GP-40K41,000g x 0.5g39$3,565.00
GP-60K61,000g x 1g39$4,405.00
GP-61K61,000g x 0.1g39$4,775.00
GP-100K100,000g x 1g42$4,775.00
GP-102K61,000g x 1g42$4,250.00
Remote Indicator 13.5" x 15" Pan
GP-20KS31,000g x 0.1g39$4,145.00
GP-32KS6,000g x 0.1g 31,000g x 1g39$2,935.00
GP-60KS61,000g x 1g39$4,615.00
GP-61KS6,000g x 0.1g 31,000g x 1g39$2,935.00
GP-100KS100,000g x 1g1$5,035.00
GP-04 Comparator output w/buzzer1$219.00
GP-06 Analog output1$695.00
GP-07 Extension cable1$343.00
GP-20 Underhook GP-12K thru 40K1$149.00
GP-21 Underhook GP-60K thru 102K1$149.00
GP-22 Printer support for AD-8121A1$186.00
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