CAS, Price Computing Scale Model S2000JR
CAS, Price Computing Scale Model S2000JR
The CAS S-2000-JR is the ideal price computing scale for the sale of foods and beverages in supermarkets, delicatessens and grocery stores. The CAS S2000-JR retail scale is available in 3 different capacities and is available with or without a column mount. The CAS S-2000-JR price computing scale has an eternal lb/kg conversion switch and dual markings. Tare weight may be entered using either the platter tare, key board tare or tare programmed with a PLU. Features: 15, 30, or 60 lb capacities/Dual Range, Standard or Pole Models, Soft touch silicon rubber key pad, Rechargeable battery, Auto Power off, Easy to Read LCD Display, kg/lb Switchable, Backlight, RS-232
WeightSale Price
LCD Without Pole
S2000JR-15-LCD15 x 0.005lb9$395.00
S2000JR-30-LCD30 x 0.01lb9$395.00
S2000JR-60-LCD60 x 0.02lb9$395.00
LCD With Pole
S2000JR-15-LCD-P15 x 0.005lb9$449.00
S2000JR-30-LCD-P30 x 0.01lb9$449.00
S2000JR-60-LCD-P60 x 0.02lb9$449.00
VFD Without Pole
S2000JR-15-VFD15 x 0.005lb9$395.00
S2000JR-30-VFD30 x 0.01lb9$395.00
S2000JR-60-VFD60 x 0.02lb9$395.00
VFD With Pole
S2000JR-15-VFD-P15 x 0.005lb9$449.00
S2000JR-30-VFD-P30 x 0.01lb9$449.00
S2000JR-60-VFD-P60 x 0.02lb9$449.00
Fish platter for S2000JR w/scale2$85.00
Fish platter for S2000JR w/o scale2$119.00
Full body protective cover for S2000JR1$19.00
DLP-50Label printer for S2000JR2$375.00
DEP-50 Receipt printer for S2000JR3$375.00
Service Parts
LST-8060 67 x 50mm Hi-Speed Blue Beacon 570/roll, 12 rolls/case1$91.00
Laundry Scale
S2000JR-60-LCD dual range & basket30 x 0.01lb22$611.00
S2000JR-60-LCD dual range & basket60 x 0.02lb22$611.00
Laundry basket4$170.00
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