Metric, Stainless Steel Weight Sets, Class F
Metric, Stainless Steel Weight Sets, Class F

Weights are manufactured from grade 303 stainless steel that possesses closely controlled density, low magnetic susceptibility, good stability, and resistance to corrosion. Weight sets are available in sizes ranging from 50 g-1 mg through 5000 g-1 mg and are adjusted to NIST Class F tolerances.
Stainless Steel Test Weights are primarily used to test commercial weighing devices by state and local weights and measures officials, device installers, and service technicians. Suggested markets for Stainless Steel Test Weights include, but are not limited to, hospitals and food services.
WeightSale Price
Weight Sets With Statement of Accuracy
50-1g50g - 1g1$165.00
50-1mg50g - 1mg1$230.00
100-1g100g - 1g1$200.00
100-1mg100g - 1mg1$245.00
500-1g500g - 1g2$345.00
500-1mg500g - 1mg2$430.00
1000-1g1000g - 1g10$440.00
1000-1mg1000g - 1mg10$500.00
2000-1g2000g - 1g15$520.00
2000-1mg2000g - 1mg15$590.00
5000-1g5000g - 1g20$700.00
5000-1mg5000g - 1mg20$800.00
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