Sartorius Balance Model Signum
Sartorius Balance Model Signum
Compact. Extremely rugged. Easy to operate. Perfectly adapts to any ambient conditions in an industrial environment. Space saving design. For use in hazardous areas. Choice of various resolutions. Washdown resistant and splashproof to IP65. Smart customization. Speed up technology. Custom tailored application package. Overload protection. Side impact protection. Flexible display mounting options. Level 1: Weighing, six keys.
Level 3: Weighing, six keys, port for reference, counting, totalization, checkweighing, classification, product data memory, identifiers (4 x 40 characters), filling and counting to a target
WeightSale Price
Signum Regular Application Level 1 13.7" x 9.4" Pan
SIWADCP-V37kg x 0.1g30$2,200.00
SIWRDCP-V63kg x 0.1g30$1,755.00
SIWRDCP-V76kg x 0.2g30$1,755.00
SIWRDCP-V815kg x 0.5g30$1,785.00
SIWRDCP-V935kg x 1g30$1,785.00
SIWRDCP-V1060kg x 2g30$1,785.00
Signum Advanced Application Level 3 13.7" x 9.4
SIWADCP-V47kg x 0.1g30$2,800.00
SIWADCP-V535kg x 0.5g30$2,830.00
SIWADCP-V665kg x 1g30$2,850.00
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