Designed for cost conscientious users High quality, full featured counting scales Choice of simple operation ("A" version or 10-button keypad models for direct entry of tare weight, piece weight & sample size ("B" version)(ACAI) Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement feature for excellent counting accuracy. Comparator function for use in checkweighing operations M+ totaling for running totals Standard AC Adapter: Optional dry cell battery or rechargeable battery operation for use in portable operations and in areas with no power or power blackouts, Automatic power off function to conserve battery life, The HD Series have a detachable display head for use with large sized containers and for flexible reading & operation. Easy to read wide angle LCD displays, Intuitive operation for ease of use and reduced operator training.
WeightSale Price
Compact one piece housing
HC-3KA6 x 0.001lb12$392.00
Detachable display head
HD-12KA30 x 0.005lb26$940.00
HD-30KA60 x 0.01lb26$940.00
HD-60KA120 x 0.02lb26$940.00
HD-12KB w/keypad30 x 0.005lb26$995.00
HD-30KB w/keypad60 x 0.01lb26$995.00
HD-60KB w/keypad120 x 0.02lb26$995.00
HD-03 RS232 output for HD Series1$119.00
HD-04 Comparator output for HD Series1$159.00
HD-05 20ma current loop output for HD Series1$109.00
HD-06 Carrying handle for HD Series2$79.00
Service Parts
TB:163 AC adapter 110VAC1$59.60
TB:164 AC adapter 220VAC1$70.00
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