Force and Torque Grips and Attachments
Force and Torque Grips and Attachments
For use with digital force gauges, digital torque gauges, digital force/torque indicators and test stands.
WeightSale Price
G1001 Wire terminal gripup to 0.1251$230.00
G1002 Dual roller gripup to 0.251$180.00
G1003 Mini component gripup to 0.071$140.00
G1008 Film and paper gripup to 11$250.00
G1009 Compression plate21$40.00
G1009-1 Compression plate31$75.00
G1010 Pin vise1.381$100.00
G1011 Rubber tip0.51$30.00
G1012 Wedge grip #10-32F200lb1$395.00
G1012-1 Wdge grip 5/16-18F1$395.00
G1013 Parallel jaw grips (pair)up to 0.251$190.00
G1015-2 Film and paper grip31$310.00
G1015-2 Film and paper grip51$330.00
G1015-3 Film and paper grip1.851$350.00
G1016-1 Jacobs chuck for STH0.251$135.00
G1016-2 Jacobs chuck for STH0.3751$130.00
G1016-3 Jacobs chuck for STH0.51$145.00
G1017 Bit holder for STH1.41$135.00
G1018-1 Swivel adapter #10-32 UNF200lb1$65.00
G1018-2 Swivel adapter 5/16-18 UNC500lb1$65.00
G1019 Square padded attachment1$40.00
G1020 Rectangle padded attachment1$60.00
G1021 Curved padded attachment1$80.00
G1022-1 Jacobs chuck for TST0.251$180.00
G1022-2 Jacobs chuck for TST0.3751$200.00
G1022-3 Jacobs chuck for TST0.51$220.00
G1023 Bottle grip for TST6.0001$500.00
G1024 Extension rod5''1$20.00
G1024-1 Extension rod2''1$20.00
G1024-2 Extension rod1''1$20.00
G1025 Chisel point attachment1$20.00
G1026 Cone attachment1$20.00
G1027 V-groove attachment1$20.00
G1028 Small hook attachment1$20.00
G1029 Flat head attachment1$20.00
G1029 Flat head attachment1$20.00
G1030 Adapter1$20.00
G1031 Extension rod5''1$25.00
G1031-1 Extension rod2''1$22.00
G1031-1 Extension rod1''1$25.00
G1032 Chisel point attachment1$25.00
G1033 Cone attachment1$25.00
G1034 V-groove attachment1$25.00
G1036 Flat head attachment1$25.00
G1037 Coupling1$20.00
G1038 Medium hook attachment1$15.00
G1039 Coupling1$15.00
G1040 Adapter1$20.00
G1041 Adapter1$20.00
G1042 Extra large hook 1/2-20M1$30.00
G1044 Adapter plate for TSF/TST, 1/2-20M1$50.00
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