Scale Base Model DMS, from 18
Scale Base Model DMS, from 18" & up
The result of almost three decades of Scale design experience, the Doran DMS and DSS Series Bases provide accuracy that you can depend on, Durability you need, and the Value you demand. Built for years of reliable use, the Doran DMS Mild Steel Bases are remarkably rugged. A two-part polyurethane finish provides excellent wear and abrasion protection, and the DMS/DSS 7 Overload Stop System Just what you need for heavy washdown tasks - the Doran DSS Series Bases offers years of use in tough food plant tasks. Wash it! Hose it! Spray it! Tthe quality scale base solution for every food processing.
WeightSale Price
18 x 18 Platform x 5.25" Height
DMS3100100 lb65$595.00
DMS3250250 lb65$595.00
18 x 24 Platform x 5.25" Height
DMS4250250 lb71$675.00
DMS4500500 lb71$675.00
24 x 24 Platform x 5.25
DMS5250250 lb83$795.00
DMS5500500 lb83$795.00
DMS510001.000 lb83$795.00
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