Ohaus, Discovery Analytical Balances
Ohaus, Discovery Analytical Balances
Durable, protective glass in use cover and steel construction combined with advanced AutoCal internal calibration and SmarText software make it the best performing balance in its class. SmarText tells you what’s going on and what to do next. AutoCal internal calibration system will automatically calibrate the balance when it sense a temperature change significant enough to affect the the weighing accuracy. 2 line backlit LCD. Applications include: Percent weighing, dynamic weighing, check weighing, high point, parts counting, gross/net/tare weighing, totalization. Advanced application modes include: Statistics, Density determination, Pipette calibration. User selectable GLP outputs via RS232 to meet traceability requirements. User selectable filter, stability indicator, auto zero tracking for use in difficult environments. Standard weigh below capability. Two year warranty.
WeightSale Price
3.5" dia Pan
DV114C110g x 0.1mg24$3,190.00
DV214C210g x 0.1mg24$3,490.00
DV314C310g x 0.1mg24$3,970.00
DV215CD81/210g x 0.01/0.1mg24$4,490.00
77402-00 Density determination kit1$1,090.00
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