Optima, Crane Scale
Optima, Crane Scale
Provides solution to most of your overhead weighing needs.
Durable construction, heavy duty.
Long lasting rechargeable battery.
LED/LCD display.
Wireless remote with Hold function.
WeightSale Price
Red Cranes are LED Display, Black Cranes are LCD Display
Click below for Red (if red not chosen, Black will be shipped)
Red only3000 lb to 40,000 lb0$1.00
3K3000 lb x 1 lb30$550.00
6K6000 lb x 2 lb35$630.00
10K10,000 lb x 5 lb60$730.00
20K20,000 lb x 10 lb110$900.00
40K40,000 x 20 lb200$1,700.00
Wireless, Remote Control, LCD - Black only
10K-W10,000 lb x 5 lb110$2,250.00
20K-W20,000 lb x 10 lb130$2,920.00
40K-W40,000 x 20 lb200$6,300.00
100K-W100,000 lb x 50 lb1050$9,900.00
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