Sartorius Analyticalb ME
Sartorius Analyticalb ME
Semi-Micro balance with neutralization by ionic charge elimination and fully automatic by soft touch. Amazingly fast response times. Brilliantly simple, user friendly operating design. Hanger for below balance weighing. GENIUS offers data communication with a PC and peripherals. Detachable display and control unit. Built in application programs for: Density determination, Time controlled functions, Statistical evaluation, Differential weighing & backweighing, Air Buoyancy correction, Air density determination. Built in self calibration. Anti twist design for use in automated systems. 120 VAC.
WeightSale Price
3.5" dia Pan
ME235S Semi micro230g x 0.01mg40$11,300.00
ME235P60g x 0.01mg 110g x 0.02mg 230g x 0.05mg40$9,900.00
ME254S250g x 0.1mg40$7,950.00
ME414S410g x 0.1mg40$8,800.00
YDPO3-OCE Data printer with statistics & time/date5$905.00
Service Parts
6971413 Power Supply for YDP03-OCE Data printer2$104.00
Roll paper (5 pack) for YDP03-OCE Data printer2$32.80
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