Ohaus, Ranger® Count 4000
Ohaus, Ranger® Count 4000

Sturdy metal housing and slip-resistant rubber feet provide protection and stability necessary for tough industrial weighing while extending the scale’s usable life.
Accurate weighing and counting performance is assured through Ranger Count 4000’s 1:1,500,000 internal counting resolution and auto-optimization software that reduces errors and ensures accuracy.
The combination of SmarText™ software, a centrally located count display and dedicated Sample & Tare keys make Ranger Count 4000 very easy to operate.
WeightSale Price
RC41M33kg x 0.1g, 6lb x 0.0002lb15$695.00
RC41M66kg x 0.2g, 15lb x 0.0005lb15$695.00
RC41M1515kg x 0.5g, 30lb x 0.001lb15$695.00
RC41M3030kg x 1g, 60lb x 0.002lb15$695.00
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