Pennsylvania Scale 7600
Pennsylvania Scale 7600
Heavy duty cast construction. Full numeric keyboard for entry of tare weight, 6 digit ID, Sample quantity and Average piece weight. Easy one button counting. Auto sample update for improved accuracy. 1 part in 1 million internal resolution. Bright green LED display with time and date. Weight is displayed in two different units of measure and count. Keys for ZERO, SAMPLE SET, GROSS/NET, TARE, PIECE WEIGHT, KEYPAD TARE, 0-9 keypad, BASE, UNITS, PRINT, CLEAR, %, CHECK, ON/OFF, ENT. RS232 bidirectional interface for printers, data collection or manifest systems. Optional second base for larger or smaller loads. Optional battery for portable operation. 120VAC, 15.5"W x 14"D x 5.25"H. NTEP 91-149, III, 10,000 di
WeightSale Price
8" x 8" Pan
7600-22 x 0.0002lb17$995.00
7600-55 x 0.0005lb17$995.00
12" x 14" Pan
7600-1010 x 0.001lb17$995.00
7600-2020 x 0.002lb17$995.00
7600-5050 x 0.005lb17$995.00
7600-100100 x 0.01lb17$995.00
7600-150150 x 0.02lb17$995.00
7600-200200 x 0.02lb17$995.00
57570 Battery pack, factory installed, AC/DC6$195.00
56750-5 Ball top transfer plate for 50lb cap and higher12$235.00
56233-1 Remote base option Dual scale counting1$195.00
Service Parts
57520 12VDC Battery pack4$95.00
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