Rice Lake, BenchPro™ Series Shipping & Postal Digital Scale
Rice Lake, BenchPro™ Series Shipping & Postal Digital Scale
Can be powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries for portability (batteries not included), Simple operation, easy set-up of BenchPro Series user features and functions using keypad. Units switching function, kg, lb, oz, lb:oz, g. Large 6-digit backlight LCD display with 1 in (29 mm) characters, 4-button touch key panel with Units, Tare, On/Off, F1 selection using a heavy-duty tempered glass keypad that is scratch and drop resistant, and repels water, dust and oil. Powered USB HID scale interface, RS-232 Interface for legacy 3rd party software programs. Interface protocols (model dependent) include USB HID, SMA, NCI, 3835, ECR, 8213 and EH. Cast aluminum base for increased durability and 150% overload capacity. Legal for trade accuracy and “x10” displayed weight setting for non-Legal for Trade and special applications. For postal scale use when configured for lb/oz mode. Front mount, column mount primary display option and secondary remote display. Gravitational compensation* allows for adjustment of calibration to meet your local gravity settings. *Legal for trade feature pending approval.
WeightSale Price
SS Weight Platter
BP 1214-6R15lb x 0.005lb, 6kg x 0.002kg30$525.00
BP 1214-15R30lb x 0.01lb, 15kg x 0.005kg30$545.00
BP 1214-75S150lb x 0.05lb, 75kg x 0.02kg30$565.00
Plastic Weight Platter
BP 1214-35P70lb/35kg 30$595.00
BP 1214-75S150lb x 0.05lb, 75kg x 0.02kg 30$545.00
Bracket and Post for All Models BP 12140$45.00
USB Serial Adapter FTDI US232R-100, 3.28 ft, iDIm 1000$45.00
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