Adam, Scale Platforms PT models
Adam, Scale Platforms PT models
The range of platforms from Adam offer a variety of features and combinations to meet your needs, all of which can be integrated into systems or combined with one of Adam Equipment’s many different indicators with features to suit most applications. Features; Non-slip adjustable levelling feet, Approximately 10" long shielded cable, Available in a range of capacities and platform sizes, Overload protection, Mild Steel construction, Four load cell construction, Uses OIML approved load cells.
WeightSale Price
48" x 48" x 2"
PT 112 GK2500 x 0.5 lb220$1,050.00
PT 312-5 GK5000 x 1 lb220$1,050.00
PT 312-10 GK10.000 x 2 lb220$1,050.00
PT 112 AE4022500 x 0.5 lb220$1,095.00
PT 312-5 AE4025000 x 1 lb220$1,095.00
PT 312-10 AE40210.000 x 2 lb220$1,095.00
NTEP Certified
PT 112 GKaM2500 lb x 0.5 lb220$1,225.00
PT 312 GKaM5000 lb x 1 lb220$1,225.00
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