Dillon Dynamometer EDxtreme
Dillon Dynamometer EDxtreme
are anodized aircraft quality aluminum. Allows permanent attachment of centering spacers, which eliminates fumbling during high capacity rigging. 5:1 measure of strength and safety is maintained at all capacities. 200% safe overload capacity. Resolution mode is 1 part in 5,000. Wide angle LCD provides improved readability over a wider viewing angle. RS232 or RS485 communication. Display update rate a 2 times per second. Includes certificate of calibration, manual and (2) C cell batteries. Plastic carrying case included for EDx-2.5K to EDx-100K. Higher capacities include rugged plywood storage crate. Instruments with shackles include centering spacers (EDx-50K & up) and shackle storage crate (EDx-50K to EDx-160K). 9” x 4.6” x 1.8” NEMA 3/IP44
WeightSale Price
36189-0031 EDx-2.5K2,500lb13$1,680.00
36189-0049 EDx 5K5,000lb13$1,885.00
36189-0056 EDx-10K10,000lb22$2,245.00
36189-0064 EDx-25K25,000lb46$2,865.00
36189-0072 EDx-50K50,000lb125$3,575.00
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