Intercomp CS1500 Scale
Intercomp CS1500 Scale
Intercomp’s advanced design makes this remarkable crane scale the first choice over other electronic units. It’s value packed with the industry’s most wanted features. Capacity from 250 to 10,000 lb / 125 to 5,000kg. Keypad setup and digital calibration enhance ease of operation. All electronics are shock mounted in a weatherproof cast aluminum case. This assures maximum protection against moisture, dust, and rough usage. High visibility 0.8 inch/20mm LED digital readout provides easy reading of weights; recessed push button switches allow simple, trouble-free operation. Power is supplied by 8 "D" cell batteries. Efficient micro-controller gives up to 100 hours of battery life. All units carry a full one-year parts and labor warranty. Overall size 9"W x 15"D x 17"H. Canadian Approval AM5228 (300lb to 2,000lb)NTEP 97-135, III, 3,000 div. Note: Canadian Approval.
WeightSale Price
CS1500-300300 x 0.1lb25$1,595.00
CS1500-500*500 x 0.2lb25$1,595.00
CS1500-1000*1,000 x 0.5lb25$1,795.00
CS1500-2000*2,000 x 1lb25$1,795.00
CS1500-50005,000 x 2lb47$1,995.00
CS1500-1000010,000 x 5lb47$1,995.00
CS1500-2000020,000 x 10lb77$2,895.00
100726 Liquid Crystal Display1$259.00
100799 RS232 Serial output1$195.00
8 pack D cell batteries3$26.50
8 pack D cell rechargeable NiMH batteries3$197.00
CHG-6P battery charger for 4 D cells5$60.00
Service Parts
360105 Remote Control1$54.00
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