Adam Topload PGL
Adam Topload PGL
Excellent for schools and universities. Metal die cast housing make the PGL well suited for applications that demand both high precision and ruggedness. PGL balances combine the solid construction and fundamental features of a high precision top loader with the simple operation of a portable balance. Left and right tare keys. Applications for weighing include parts counting, weighing, percent weighing, check weighing, density calculation. ShockGuard overload three point protection. Below balance weighing. RS-232 interface included. AC or rechargeable battery operations. Three year warranty.
WeightSale Price
5.7" x 4.9" Pan
PGL203200 x 0.001 g15$695.00
PGL303300 x 0.001 g15$795.00
7.6" x 7.6" Pan
PGL20022,000 x 0.01 g15$695.00
PGl30023000 x 0.01 g15$795.00
PGL40014,000 x 0.1 g15$650.00
PGL60016,000 x 0.1 g15$695.00
PGL80018,000 x 0.1g15$745.00
PGL1200112000 x 0.1 g15$1,225.00
PGL1500115000 x 0.1 g15$1,495.00
15.7" x 11.8" Pan
PGL1000110,000 x 0.1 g20$1,750.00
PGL2000120,000 x 0.1g20$2,100.00
PGL3000130000 x 0.1 g20$2,895.00
8023 Printer3$395.00
9192 Thermal printer pape, (5) pack1$65.00
9066 USB to RS-232 cable for Adam PW1$50.00
9028 RS-232 cable1$35.00
7995 Below balance hanger1$25.00
8031 In use cover for PGL1$25.00
8002 Dust cover for PGL1$45.00
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