Rice Lake, TracerĀ® AVi,  PC-based Aviation Instrumentation
Rice Lake, TracerĀ® AVi, PC-based Aviation Instrumentation
For visibility on both sides of the baggage counter the Tracer AVi system comes with a standard display as well as an additional PC based indicator for operator visibility and networking.
Standard Features; PC-based Aviation Instrumentation. Tracer AVi consists of three components: VIRTUi, a PC-based indicator consisting of a five-button keypad for zero, gross/net, tare, units, and print buttons. RD-1 remote display, featuring a large 0.8 in., six-digit, seven-segment LED display. Digital programmable junction box used with an analog load cell allowing web browser-based junction box cell status.
WeightSale Price
Tracer AVi,Single Channel IQube
Single Panel Mount Remote Display for Baggage Scale10$985.00
Single Channel IQube, Two Panel Mount Remote Displays for Baggage Scale10$1,255.00
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