Cardinal Scale 2240
Cardinal Scale 2240
A standard benefit of the 2240 is the two separate displays; one for weight, the other for piece count and data input. This means that both weight and count can be viewed simultaneously. A second scale input allows the 2240 Counting Scale to be connected to a remote scale. The remote scale can be used either as the sampling scale, the bulk scale, or both. This unique counting scale retains the last average piece weight and automatically recalculates the average piece weight when the sample size is changed. It stores up to 300 ID numbers each with its own tare weight, average piece weight, and accumulator. Features: Dual display for count and weight, Second scale input standard, QuickCount keys for simplified operation, Battery power mode standard.
WeightSale Price
6" dia Pan
2240-55 x 0.0005lb10$1,302.00
8.25" x 14.5" Pan
2240-1010 x 0.001lb10$1,302.00
2240-2020 x 0.002lb10$1,302.00
2240-5050 x 0.005lb10$1,302.00
2240-100100 x 0.01lb10$1,302.00
Rechargeable battery for 22403$107.00
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