Detecto Chair Scales, 475, 4751, 6475, 6475K, 6875 & 6880
Detecto Chair Scales, 475, 4751, 6475, 6475K, 6875 & 6880
Weighing handicapped individuals, patients on dialysis, and the elderly can be a difficult and time-consuming task for healthcare professionals—and a stressful exercise for the patients. Detecto's USA-made seated weighing options simplify the process and are designed with patient comfort and safety in mind. Each chair scale allows patients to remain seated during weighing and features adjustable lift-away armrests for increased accessibility and stability during the patient transfer process. Detecto's dialysis scales are all portable with integral wheels. 6 AA batteries (not included) or optional AC adapter, 0.7 in (19 mm) high LCD, 6 digit, 7 segment, RS232 serial port.
WeightSale Price
Mechanical Chair Scales
475400lb x 4oz85$650.00
4751400lb x 4oz x 175kg x 100g85$675.00
Digital Chair Scales
6475400lb x .2lb x 180kg x .1kg80$1,160.00
6475K180kg x .1kg80$1,160.00
6875400lb x .2lb x 180kg x .1kg80$1,200.00
6880440lb x .2lb x 200kg x .1kg80$1,895.00
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