Sartorius Analytical TE
Sartorius Analytical TE
Easy to use and easy to afford. LCD display can be read at just about any angle. Large all glass weighing chamber 7”W x 5.8”D x 7.8”H makes it easy easy to view and manipulate samples. Stainless steel weighing pan and chamber base plate for easy clean up. Soft touch keypad is sealed against dirt with a soft plastic covering and can be used with or without gloves. Optional battery pack for portability. 120 VAC.
WeightSale Price
3.5" dia Pan
TE6460g x 0.1mg8$2,080.00
TE124S120g x 0.1mg13$2,395.00
TE214S210g x 031mg13$2,720.00
YDPO3-OCE Data printer with statistics & time/date5$905.00
Roll paper (5 pack) for YDP03-OCE Data printer2$32.80
YDP04 Data printer4$540.00
YFS01 Foot switch for Print, Tare, F, CF, or Toggle1$310.00
YHS02 Hand switch1$340.00
YRBO8Z Rechargeable battery pack3$330.00
Service Parts
6971947 Power supply, 110VAC 0$60.00
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