Troemner, Matric Weight Sets - Class 0
Troemner, Matric Weight Sets - Class 0
Weight Sets are manufactured from the finest materials including Troemner Alloy 8 and are manufactured in sets ranging from 500 mg-1 mg through 50 kg-1 mg. Weights sets are available in Troemner UltraClass Platinum, UltraClass Gold, UltraClass and ANSI/ASTM E617 Class 000*, 00*, 0.
Weights sets are supplied in a 5-2-2-1 series unless a 5-3-2-1 series is specified. 5-2-2-1 series means that weights beginning with a "2" are doubled in each decade and weights beginning with a "5" and "1" are single in each decade.
Suggested markets for Analytical Precision Weight Sets include, but are not limited to, pharmaceutical, forensic and nuclear industries.
WeightSale Price
Weight Sets With Statement of Accuracy
500mg-1mg500mg - 1mg1$1,300.00
50-1g50g - 1g1$1,195.00
50-1mg50g - 1mg1$2,045.00
100-1g100g - 1g1$1,100.00
100-1mg100g - 1mg1$2,300.00
200-1g200g - 1g1$1,400.00
200-1mg200g - 1mg1$2,550.00
2x200-1g(2)200g - 1g2$1,635.00
2x200-1mg(2)200g - 1mg2$2,860.00
500-1g500g - 1g2$2,300.00
500-1mg500g - 1mg2$3,540.00
1000-1g1000g - 1g5$2,995.00
1000-1mg1000g - 1mg5$4,085.00
2000-1g2000g - 1g5$4,975.00
2000-1mg2000g - 1mg5$5,680.00
5000-1g5000g - 1g15$7,875.00
5000-1mg5000g - 1mg15$8,450.00
10000-1g10,000g - 1g25$10,600.00
10000-1mg10,000g - 1mg25$11,360.00
20000-1g20,000g - 1g50$14,700.00
20000-1mg20,000g - 1mg50$15,500.00
30000-1g30,000g - 1g70$23,150.00
30000-1mg30,000g - 1mg70$23,840.00
50000-1g50,000g - 1g100$32,975.00
50000-1mg50,000g - 1mg100$33,995.00
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