Ohaus Pioneer Precision Balances
Ohaus Pioneer Precision Balances
Stainless steel platform. Routine weighing in a variety of laboratory, industrial and education applications. 19 international weighing units including one custom unit. Large backlit LCD display. Applications include: weighing, parts counting, percent. Glass panel draftshield with three sliding doors. Up-front level indicator. Three filter modes and adjustable zero tracking adjust balance sensitivity to environmental disturbances, or application requirements. Internal calibration option. User selectable span calibration points. Software reset menu. Stability indicator, auto tare. User selectable communications settings. User selectable printing options. 120 VAC adapter. Two year warranty. 7.7”W x 11.3”H x 12.6”D.
WeightSale Price
3.5" dia Pan
PA6465g x 0.1mg16$1,895.00
PA114114g x 0.1mg16$2,195.00
PA153150g x 0.001g20$1,080.00
PA214210g x 0.1mg16$2,450.00
PA313310g x 0.001g20$1,235.00
PA512510g x 0.01g16$925.00
PA15021500g x 0.01g16$1,090.00
PA31023100g x 0.01g16$1,245.00
PA41014100g x 0.1g16$825.00
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