Ohaus, Advanced Checkweighing Bench Scale
Ohaus, Advanced Checkweighing Bench Scale

Ohaus CKW features multiple checkweighing options including Positive, Negative, Zero or Net and statistical capabilities to provide accurate results for advanced checkweighing needs.
CKW is NSF Certified, USDA-AMS Accepted, and supports HACCP-certified systems, and is safe for use in food processing applications.
WeightSale Price
CKW3R553kg x 0.5g, 6lb x 0.001lb25$1,250.00
CKW6R556kg x 1.0g, 15lb x 0.002lb25$1,250.00
CKW15L5515kg x 2.0g 30lb x 0.005lb30$1,350.00
CKW30L5530kg x 5.0g, 60lb x 0.01lb30$1,350.00
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