Intercomp CS5000
Intercomp CS5000
Contains leading edge radio telemetry for fast weight readouts at remote locations (operating range up to 1,000 feet). Transceiver is FCC-approved. Intercomp's advance design makes this remarkable crane scale first choice over other electronic units. It's value packed with the industry's most wanted features. It's ultra-high resolution, 20-bit A/D converter, plus 16 bit micro controller, provides highest accuracy available +/-0.1% of applied load. All crane unit electronics are shock mounted in a weatherproof cast aluminum case. This assures maximum protection against moisture, dust, and rough usage. Stainless steel indicator unit houses high visibility 0.8 inch / 20mm LED digital readout, which provides easy reading of weights, large push button switches allow simple, trouble-free operation. Crane unit is powered by 8 "D" cell batteries. Efficient micro-controller gives up to 100 hours of battery life. Indicator unit operates on AC power or optional batteries. All units carry a full one-year parts and labor warranty.
WeightSale Price
CS5000-500500lb x 0.2lb48$6,395.00
CS5000-20002,000lb x 1lb50$6,395.00
CS5000-50005,000lb x 1lb58$6,395.00
CS5000-1000010,000lb x 2lb58$6,795.00
CS5000-2000020,000lb x 5lb97$8,095.00
CS5000-3000030,000lb x 10lb122$8,795.00
CS5000-5000050,000lb x 10lb220$11,995.00
CS5000-7000070,000lb x 20lb248$13,895.00
CS5000-100000 not NTEP100,000lb x 20lb392$19,595.00
100725 Display on crane unit1$249.00
101055 Direct power on crane unit 120VAC1$345.00
101056 Direct power on crane unit 220VAC1$365.00
8 pack D cell batteries3$26.50
8 pack D cell rechargeable NiMH3$197.00
CHG-6P battery charger for 4 D cell5$60.00
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