Spring Dial CCI Mechanical
Spring Dial CCI Mechanical
Heavy duty Industrial scales with high precision temperature compensated springs and reinforced dual spring level mechanism. Double beveled base plate and heavy duty sub assembly combine to you durability you can count on. Lb/Kg dial face for dual reading is signified by DR at the end of the model number.
WeightSale Price
FS dial face w/SS platform 5-1/2"W x 7-3/8"D x 7-3/4"H 5.75" x 5.75" Platform
FS3214-DR32oz x 1/4oz4$70.00
FS0512-DR5lb x 1/2oz4$77.00
FS Options
Rotating dial (Tare feature)1$4.30
Stainless Steel construction1$28.00
LCD 8" dial face SS platform 6-3/4"W x 9-3/4"D x 10-3/4"H 9" x 9" Platform
LCD3218-DR32oz x 1/8oz9$103.00
LCD0512-DR5lb x 1/2oz9$103.00
LCD-1001-DR10lb x 1oz9$103.00
LCD2001-DR20lb x 1oz10$103.00
LCD10K20 (not available as dual reading)10kg x 20g10$108.00
LCD2501 (not available as dual reading)25lb x 1oz10$108.00
LCD2502-DR25lb x 2oz10$108.00
LCD4002-DR40lb x 2oz10$113.00
LCD5002-DR50lb x 2oz12$118.00
LCD7004-DR w/Chrome platform70lb x 4oz13$160.00
Option for LCD 3218 ONLY
Rotating dial Over/Under1$25.00
LCD Options
Air dash pot (quick stop)1$49.00
Stainless steel construction1$65.00
Produce pan 10" dia stainless steel1$59.00
Bowl 5 quart stainless steel1$59.00
HCD 10" dial face chrome platform 10-1/2"Wx14"Dx12-1/2"H
13" x 13" Platform
HCD7004-DR70lb x 4oz24$225.00
HCD10004-DR100lb x 4oz27$247.00
HCD2008 (not available as dual reading)200lb x 8oz30$305.00
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