Ohaus, PioneerĀ® Analytical
Ohaus, PioneerĀ® Analytical
The OHAUS Pioneer Series of analytical balances are designed for basic routine weighing in a variety of laboratory, industrial and education applications. With the right combination of performance and features, the OHAUS Pioneer offers uncomplicated performance for all your basic weighing needs.
The up-front level indicator is located right next to the display and allows the user to quickly make sure the balance is level prior to each use.
Units; Baht, Custom, Gram, Hong Kong Tael, Kilogram, Mesghal, Milligram, Momme, Ounce, Ounce Troy, Singapore Tael, Tiwan Tael, Tical, Tola.
Dimensions, 287 mm x 320 mm x 196 mm / 11.3 in x 12.6 in x 7.7 in.
WeightSale Price
Pan Size 3.5 in
PA8485g x 0.0001g20$1,350.00
PA124120g x 0.0001g20$1,650.00
PA224200g x 0.0001g20$1,750.00
With Auto Cal
PA84C85g x 0.0001g20$1,550.00
AP124C120g x 0.0001g20$1,850.00
AP224C200g x 0.0001g20$1,950.00
Pan Size 4.7 in
PA163160g x 0.001g20$895.00
PA323320g x 0.001g20$995.00
PA523520g x 0.001g20$1,195.00
With Auto Cal
PA163C160g x 0.001g20$1,095.00
PA323C320g x 0.001g20$1,195.00
PA523C520g x 0.001g20$1,395.00
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