Portion Control Baker's Dough Scale Model TB
Portion Control Baker's Dough Scale Model TB
Detecto's mechanical Bakers Dough Scales are rugged, accurate scales designed specifically for the baker. Detecto's 1001 and 1002 series come in a variety of capacities listed below, with and without plastic scoops to suit your needs. Featuring USDA-approved white oven-baked enamel, counterweight set, and with or without a seamless, easy-to-clean plastic scoop, these models provide an economical package without any sacrifice to long term, accurate use. Used extensively in retail bakeries as well as other food establishments, these durable, precise scales are furnished with 9" (229mm) diameter plates.
WeightSale Price
1001TB w/scoop16lb x 1/4oz38$648.00
1001TBNS w/o scoop16lb x 1/4oz38$630.00
1001TBKG w/scoop8kg x 5g38$689.00
1002TB w/scoop8lb x 1/4oz30$569.00
1002TBNS w/o scoop8lb x 1/4oz30$528.00
1002TBKG w/scoop5kg x 5g30$568.00
Stainless Steel
1051TBS w/scoop16lb x 1/4oz38$817.00
1052TBS w/scoop8lb x 1/4oz30$745.00
1WP1-1 flat weight1lb2$44.00
1WP2-1 flat weight2lb3$54.00
1WP4-1 flat weight4lb5$62.00
1WP8-1 flat weight8lb9$81.00
285R31 Scoop white plastic w/spout 12" x 6.5" x 2.5"H4$80.00
6100-0001 Scoop white plastic w/spout 10" x 2.5"H4$57.00
6100-0002 Scoop white plastic w/spout 21" x 12" x 5.75"H4$84.00
6100-0003 Bowl SS w/o spout 6.25" x 2.25"H3$58.00
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