CAS IE Scale
CAS IE Scale
Aluminum die-cast crane scale with hook and shackles. 5 digit, 1 1/4 LCD or LED display. Function keys for: ON/OFF, ZERO, TARE, HOLD. Units of measure displays kg or lb. Rechargeable battery with AC adapter. Operates 50 hours on LCD model and 20 hours on LED. Remote control included. Overall size 8.8”W x 14.8”H x 5.1”D
WeightSale Price
LCD Display
IE-100-C100 x 0.05 lb13$565.00
IE-200-C200 x 0.1 lb13$565.00
IE-500-C500 x 0.2 lb13$565.00
IE-1000-C1,000 x 0.5 lb13$595.00
IE-2000-C2,000 x 1 lb13$595.00
LED Display
IE-100-E100 x 0.05lb13$565.00
IE-200-E200 x 0.1lb13$565.00
IE-500-E500 x 0.2lb13$565.00
IE-1000-E1,000 x 0.5lb13$595.00
IE-2000-E2,000 x 0.1lb13$595.00
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