Adam Counting Scales CBC & CBD
Adam Counting Scales CBC & CBD
CBC Counting scales are suitable for most industrial applications, Accurate, fast & versatile. CBD series offer a range of accurate, fast and versatile counting scales that can use one additional external platform (remote scale) for weighing or counting.
Up to 100 PLU’s with description, unit weight and tare weight can be stored in memory, Internal counting resolution 1:400,000, Memory accumulation of count, Programmable for counting to a pre-set number of parts, Large backlit LCD display, Supports remote scale of up to 4 load-cells for enhanced weighing and counting, Full colour coded keypad with numeric entry, Easy access to the rechargeable battery, Stainless steel pan, Splashproof to protect from accidental spills, RS-232 bi-directional interface, Rechargeable battery, Auto sleep, Low battery indication, AC Adapter.
WeightSale Price
8.9" x 10.8" Pan Size
CBC 8a8 x 0.0002 lb12$395.00
CBC 16a16 x 0.0005 lb12$395.00
CBC 35a35 x 0.001 lb12$395.00
CBC 70a70 x 0.002 lb12$395.00
CBC 100a100 x 0.005 lb12$395.00
CBD 8a8 x 0.0002 lb12$595.00
CBD 16a16 x 0.0005 lb12$595.00
CBD 35a35 x 0.001 lb12$595.00
CBD 70a70 x 0.002 lb12$595.00
CBD 100a100 x 0.005 lb12$595.00
All above models with USB Add $75
CBC or CBD model w/ USB0$75.00
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