TI-500P Transcell Indicator
TI-500P Transcell Indicator
Weighing indicator with an extremely small package size. Front panel keys for lb/kg, ZERO, NET/.GROSS, TARE, PRINT. Full duplex RS232 serial port. TI-500P & TI-500EP have aluminum enclosure. Three point calibration is standard on TI-500P and TI-500EP. Peak hold is a selectable feature of the TI-500EP. Remote display is a selectable feature of the TI-500EP. All have stainless steel swivel stand. 120 VAC adapter is included. TI-500P & TI-500EP include 15 ft load cell cable with connector.
WeightSale Price
TI-500EP Indicator w/Green LED display, peak hold4$299.00
TI-500 Indicator w/LCD w/backlite display4$210.00
Service Parts
AC adapter 120 VAC to 9 VDC 0.5A for TI-500EP1$27.00
AC adapter 120 VAC to 6 VDC 300 mA for TI-500P1$27.00
Load cell connector for TI-500P & TI-500EP1$29.00
Load cell cable w/connector for TI-500P & TI-500EP1$45.00
Rear panel load cell connector, flange mount1$29.00
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