Ohaus Defender, High Quality Washdown Bases
Ohaus Defender, High Quality Washdown Bases

The stainless steel form-and weld frame and stainless steel platform provides ample support for industrial weighing applications. Marked by durability, rigidity and structural integrity, Defender V & W Series bases are constructed to perform highly in industrial environments.
Defender V & W Series bases have resolutions of up to 15,000d to meet the needs of industrial weighing applications that require extreme accuracy. Stainless steel load cell, IP67, IP66 Loadcell, NEMA 4X/IP65 washdown Protection,
NTEP 5,000e Certified resolution, Plug end for quick connection to T51P Indicator.
WeightSale Price
12" x 12" Platform, 3.7" Height
D10WR10kg x 1.0g, 25lb x 0.002lb35$795.00
D25WR25kg x 2.0g, 50lb x 0.002lb35$795.00
12" x 14" Platform, 4.8" Height
D30VR30kg x 5.0g, 60lb x 0.01lb30$595.00
D60VR60kg x 10.0g, 150lb x 0.02lb30$595.00
18" x 18" Platform, 4.5" Height
D50WL50kg x 5.0g, 100lb x 0.01lb70$850.00
D100WL100kg x 10.0g, 250lb x 0.02lb70$1,150.00
24" x 24" Platform, 5.4" Height
D250WX250kg x 20.0g, 500lb x 0.05lb90$1,800.00
16.5" x 21.7" x 5.4" Height
D60VL60kg x 10.0g, 150lb x 0.02lb60$995.00
D150VL150kg x 20.0g, 300lb x 0.05lb60$995.00
19.7" x 25.6" x 5.6" Height
D150VX150kg x 20.0g, 300lb x 0.05lb80$1,550.00
D300VX300kg x 50.0g, 600lb x 0.1lb80$1,550.00
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