MSI-9300 Port-A-Weigh Plus CellScale™ RF
MSI-9300 Port-A-Weigh Plus CellScale™ RF
MSI-9300 Port-A-Weigh Plus CellScale™ RF Crane unit with 2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum transceiver, Six-digit, 1.2 in. (30 mm) LED display and annunciators, Top lifting eye or shackle, bottom thrust bearing swivel hook, 12 volt rechargeable battery and universal 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz battery charger (NA Plug Standard). RF remote crane unit control (control for On/Off, Zero, Tare, Net/Gross, Total and programmable function keys), Substitute bottom swivel hook with shackle, Oversized top lifting eye or shackle, Oversized bottom hook, Anti-heat shielding for high temperature applications, Universal direct power supply; 85-265 VAC, 47-440 Hz / 130-300 VDC. Low headroom adapter, Audible alarm, NTEP approved. Wireless 802.11 b/g Ethernet connectivity, MSI-9300 retrofit kit - upgrade existing MSI-4300 crane scale to MSI-9300 RF. Note: Communicates with MSI-9850, MSI-9750A or MSI scoreboard. Each sold seperately.
WeightSale Price
MSI-9300500 lb x 0.2 lb55$4,945.00
MSI-93002000 lb x 1 lb65$5,045.00
MSI-93005000 lb x 1 lb65$5,125.00
MSI-930010.000 lb x 2 lb65$5,150.00
MSI-930020.000 lb x 5 lb110$6,300.00
MSI-930030.000 lb x 10 lb130$6,560.00
MSI-930050.000 lb x 10 lb250$8,630.00
MSI-930070.000 lb x 20 lb270$10,345.00
MSI-9300100.000 lb x 20 lb420$16,100.00
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